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Updated: Mar 28

I've decided that while we are within a period of very few weddings taking place, I'm going to post one image every Friday that shows the range of photography I do, including personal work, weddings and portraits. This serves as a good benchmark for me as I can see how my photographic style has evolved over the years.

When looking through my archives, I find that I have a fairly large amount of non-people images, which is the (unconscious) opposite of what I do as a day job shooting people pictures at weddings!

This week's image is one that I took the first time I visited The Shard in London and it's a panoramic, comprising three images blended together, all taken on my Sony A7 II. The security rules at The Shard forbid tripods on the viewing gallery so my backpack served as my steady place to rest the camera for the slow exposures needed in the low light. By holding the camera lens as near to the glass as possible, I managed to minimise any reflections.

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